Summoners War easy game & tips

Summoners War: Skies Arena is the hottest brand-new mobile RPG for the iOS and also Android systems
Anyways, this is among one of the most addictive of the style yet, with loads of unlockable beasts and also buildings (yes, there is also a city building component), and even much more means making your group a force to be reckoned with.

Have at least one healer on your team.purple dragon

Fairy is a good bet since you start the video game with her. Power up your therapist as long as possible. In Fairy’s instance, she is both a container and a healer, so placed her in front and elevate her statistics as high as feasible to get EVEN MORE of a fighting possibility in the harder battles.

Advance your monsters when they hit the maximum experience level.

Level them as much as their max level making use of power-ups as well as utilizing the skilled acquired from fight grinding. After that you will have the ability to evolve them utilizing a mix of product beasts that coincide rarity (star score) as your getting monster.


Final thoughts

Not only will your island enable you to put more buildings on your island, but they will provide you the opportunity to earn even more experience with summoners war farmers. Rocks and trees, when cleared out, will providing you the opportunity to obtain free xp.

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