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Kiribati - Animals in the Habitats, and Biodiversity

Classified animal picture guide. Clicking(highlighting) or tapping the link of species shows the images.
Kiribati is an archipelago country in the Central Pacific Ocean and the tropical zone. It is located on the equator, to south of Marshall Islands, to north of Tuvalu. The following shows the distribution of animals in Kiribati.
regionally extinct
in historic age
Bird Gadwall, Micronesian Imperial-pigeon
extant species
Parrot Rimatara Lorikeet  
endemic bird Kiritimati Reed-warbler
marine extant
Turtle Green turtle
Frigatebird Great Frigatebird, Lesser Frigatebird
seabird Phoenix Petrel
Shark Whale shark   (12m), Shortfin mako
Marlin Indo-Pacific sailfish, Black Marlin
Coral (Table coral), (Brain corals)