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Philippines - Animals in the Habitats and the Fossil sites, and Biodiversity

Classified animal picture guide. Clicking(highlighting) or tapping the link of species shows the images.
The following fossils from the geologic age to the prehistorical age are excavated in Philippines. The explanation in brackets is the ages they lived in extinct species. Note that Mya is million years ago. For example, "48.6~40.4 Mya" shows a range between 48.6 and 40.4 million years ago. The time range is shown in the Geological Time Table. The followings are a part of the Evolutionary Tree.
prehistoric age
extinct species
Elephant Stegodon   (11.61~0.01 Mya; 5m)
Philippines is an island country located in Southeast Asia and tropical zone. It comprises a lot of island in the west of Pacific Ocean. Philippines is one of Biodiversity hotspots in the world. The following shows the distribution of animals in Philippines.
regionally extinct
in historic age
Megabat Panay Giant Fruit Bat (?~AD1892)
Bird Daurian Partridge
extant species
Treeshrew Common Treeshrew, Palawan Treeshrew, Mindanao Treeshrew
Primate Sunda Loris  , Philippine Tarsier, Crab-eating Macaque
Rodent Indonesian Porcupine, Palawan Flying Squirrel, Basilan Flying Squirrel, Philippine Pygmy Squirrel, Busuanga Squirrel, Northern Palawan Tree Squirrel, Mindanao Squirrel, Philippine Tree Squirrel, Palawan Montane Squirrel, Samar Squirrel, Davao Squirrel, Culion Tree Squirrel, Southern Palawan Tree Squirrel
Hedgehog Dinagat Gymnure, Mindanao Gymnure
Even-toed ungulate Wild Boar, Bearded Pig, Philippine Warty Pig, Visayan Warty Pig, Oliver's Warty Pig, Palawan Pig, Greater Mouse-deer, Philippine Mouse-deer, Sika Deer, Philippine Sambar, Philippine Spotted Deer, Calamian Deer, Tamaraw
Megabat Long-tongued Nectar Bat, Cave Nectar Bat, Philippine Dawn Bat, Geoffroy's Rousette, Ryukyu Flying-fox, Small Flying-fox, White-winged Flying Fox, Little Golden-mantled Flying Fox, Philippine Gray Flying Fox, Large Flying Fox … total 24 species
Pangolin Sunda Pangolin
Carnivora Leopard Cat   (Spotted), Binturong, Asian Palm Civet, Malayan Civet (Spotted), Short-tailed Mongoose, Palawan Stink Badger, Oriental Small-clawed Otter
Crocodile Philippine Crocodile, Saltwater Crocodile  
Monitor Gray's monitor, Northern Sierra Madre monitor, Panay Monitor
Snake Reticulated python Largest snakes  
Junglefowl Red Junglefowl  
Peafowl Palawan Peacock-pheasant  
Stork Woolly-necked Stork
Ibis Glossy Ibis
Crane Sarus Crane  
Hornbill Palawan Hornbill  , Sulu Hornbill  , Rufous Hornbill  , Mindoro Hornbill, Visayan Hornbill, Writhed Hornbill  , Rufous-headed Hornbill  
Raptor Philippine Eagle  
Pelican Spot-billed Pelican
Parrot Red-vented Cockatoo  , Mindanao Lorikeet  , Yellow-and-green Lorikeet  , Guaiabero  , Luzon Racquet-tail, Blue-headed Racquet-tail, Green Racquet-tail, Blue-crowned Racquet-tail, Blue-winged Racquet-tail, Great-billed Parrot   … total 12 species
endemic bird Philippine Duck, Bukidnon Woodcock, Philippine Buttonquail, Spotted Buttonquail, Philippine Falconet, Philippine Hawk-eagle, Brown-banded Rail, Luzon Bleeding-heart, Mindanao Bleeding-heart, Pink-bellied Imperial-pigeon  , Spotted Imperial-pigeon, Flame-breasted Fruit-dove  , Cream-bellied Fruit-dove, Yellow-breasted Fruit-dove  , Black-chinned Fruit-dove … total 147 endemic species
bird (CR) Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Mindoro Bleeding-heart, Negros Bleeding-heart, Sulu Bleeding-heart, Negros Fruit-dove, Black-hooded Coucal, Isabela Oriole, Cebu Flowerpecker
bird (EN) Spotted Greenshank, Japanese Night Heron, Mindoro Imperial-pigeon, Tawitawi Brown-dove, Streak-breasted Bulbul, Flame-templed Babbler, White-throated Jungle-flycatcher, Black Shama
Flower Rafflesia, Rafflesia, Rafflesia, Rafflesia, Rafflesia, Rafflesia, Rafflesia, Rafflesia
marine extant
Sea-cow Dugong
Turtle Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Green turtle, Hawksbill turtle, Olive Ridley
Frigatebird Great Frigatebird, Lesser Frigatebird, Christmas Island Frigatebird
Ray Knifetooth sawfish, Largetooth sawfish
Shark Whale shark   (12m), Scalloped hammerhead, Great hammerhead, Great white shark  , Shortfin mako
Marlin Indo-Pacific sailfish, Black Marlin
Tuna Pacific bluefin tuna
Mangrove horseshoe crab, Costal horseshoe crab, Japanese horseshoe crab
Crab Coconut crab   (40cm)
Nautilus Chambered Nautilus  
Coral (Table coral), (Brain corals)
small extant
Mouse (CR) Ilin Island Cloudrunner, Dinagat Bushy-Tailed Cloud Rat
Mouse (EN) Russet Batomys, Giant Bushy-Tailed Cloud Rat, Panay Cloudrunner
Mole (EN) Negros Shrew
Turtle (EN) Spiny turtle, Cantor's Giant Soft Shelled Turtle
Frog (CR) (Platymantis insulata)
Frog (EN) Palawan Horned Frog, White-striped Flathead Toad, (Platymantis cagayanensis), (Platymantis hazelae), (Platymantis lawtoni), (Platymantis levigata), (Platymantis negrosensis), (Platymantis panayensis), (Platymantis polillensis), (Platymantis spelaea), (Platymantis subterrestris), (Platymantis taylori), (Philautus schmackeri), (Philautus surrufus)
Common Rose  , (Atrophaneura atropos)  , (Atrophaneura schadenbergi)  , Graphium codrus  , Common Jay  , (Graphium idaeoides)  , (Graphium megaera)  , Apo Swallowtail  , (Papilio antonio)  , (Papilio benguetanus)   … total 21 species