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Montserrat - Animals in the Habitats, and Biodiversity

Classified animal picture guide. Clicking(highlighting) or tapping the link of species shows the images.
Montserrat is an island territory of United Kingdom in the Lesser Antillean archipelago of the Caribbean Sea and the tropical zone. It is located to the northern archipelago, to the south of Antigua and Barbuda and to the north of Guadeloupe. The following shows the distribution of animals in Montserrat.
extant species
endemic bird Forest Thrush
bird (CR) Montserrat Oriole
marine extant
Turtle Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Frigatebird Magnificent Frigatebird
Shark Whale shark   (12m), Great hammerhead, Shortfin mako
Marlin Atlantic sailfish, Atlantic Blue Marlin, Atlantic White Marlin
small extant
Lizard (CR) Montiserrat Galliwasp
Frog (CR) Giant Ditch Frog