Clash of kings game mobile review

Empire game studios must have really loved the machine zone game of war fire age because the clash of kings is very, very similar to it. The fact that fame of war was a great game means this similarity may not be such a bad thing after all. It is a game that has gained favor among android users all over the world for its addictive nature and how much fun it is to play the game.clash of kings

You begin the game as the king of a city which has been taken over by invaders. Your task is to rebuild it and take it back. It is not made clear who the invaders are and why you lost your city to begin with but rebuilding it now and training a new army that will make sure the invaders are done away with for good seem much more important now than finding out how you lost your city.

In order to be able to rebuild your city and create an army, you must build buildings that will create resources for you. Such buildings include farms and sawmills. The resources you will gain will be used to get yourself troops like the militia infantry and maybe even some cavalrymen. You may also use them to find ways to upgrade your city with faster farming, the ability to support a bigger army or if you like, make the army you already have stronger for battle.

Like most free games in the market today, building this city will take a really long time because the invaders will keep destroying what you have already built. Upgrades and researching take a long time which is typical of these kinds of games. It is however not that annoying when you are having fun. It will take you about four minutes to create the average militia unit, just so you know.gameplay

Just like it was with fire age, you are required to slowly rebuild the city, upgrade and grow stronger with an army of thousands of men fighting by your side. You are also able to upgrade your timers and skip building in under five minutes. Other players can do the research and building thus reducing the timer too.

The center of Clash of Kings is the alliances you make with groups of players who are also rebuilding their own cities. These alliances are very good at providing reinforcements in battle and helping members in building. Starting a rally is a great strategy for a player who wants to start a war. It allows other players to form a large army from the small allied city armies. This makes them a force to reckon with. Because the alliances are very friendly and constructive, the game feels much like a social experience.

Although the sound of the game is a bit limited, there is some good music. It however lops very frequently. The game is very inviting and the graphics do not look bad for a free game. The interface is pretty well laid out. Watching the army grow and the buildings upgrade is very impressive.